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... where you can find out how and why Kiwis do the things we do!

Welcome to the Kiwi Savvy Blog!

Welcome to the Kiwi Savvy Blog!

Hi, how’s it going?! 

If you’re reading this, you’re either in New Zealand or heading our way soon.  You might bump into some of us New Zealanders – or Kiwis as we call ourselves.  Yes, we speak English.  Some of us also speak Te reo Maori – the indigenous language of Aotearoa, New Zealand.  And of course, many Kiwis speak other languages from their ethnic backgrounds.  But, English is New Zealand’s main language. 

The way we use English and the way we do things is a little different, though. Understanding this will make your time in New Zealand more enjoyable.  That’s why our first blog post shows you what Kiwi Savvy is about and how to use it.

Get Kiwi savvy!

Savvy, or being savvy, means you know your subject well.  If your subject’s New Zealand, we can give you the knowledge.  There are two parts to Kiwi Savvy:  English language lessons that’ll help you understand and communicate with Kiwis; and the blog that’ll show you how we live in New Zealand.  Get stuck into both, and you’ll be Kiwi savvy in no time!   

Learn our language

You speak English well, you have a good vocabulary, you know your grammar, you might even be a native speaker.  But do you still have difficulty understanding Kiwis? 

You might find the same expressions or language patterns in other English-speaking countries, but do they use them like we do?  Context is important.  Being exposed to English in a New Zealand context prepares you for what you might hear while you’re here.

In each Kiwi Savvy language lesson, we’ll show you one chunk of language.  It might be a:

  • language pattern - could do with a + noun
  • expression - bring it on
  • phrasal verb - check out

You’ll see the language in a New Zealand context, listen to it, learn how to use it, learn how a Kiwi might use it with you, learn how to pronounce it, and then – hey presto –  you’ll be ready to use it.

Something to remember.  We:

  • receive language by listening and reading
  • produce language by speaking and writing

Some Kiwi Savvy expressions/language patterns are more suitable for receiving than producing.  In other words, you’ll understand it when you hear or read it, rather than say or write it yourself.

We’ve also thrown in some commonly-used vocabulary.  You can get heaps of listening practice from each Kiwi Savvy lesson and learn to pronounce language correctly – important for us to understand you.  Look at the Lesson Extenders to see how you can get more practice in listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, speaking and writing.

Find out why we do the things we do

Check out the Kiwi Savvy Blog and those quirks of New Zealand culture will become clearer with each post!  You’ll read about things that are typically Kiwi - our food, mentality, work, life, sport, language, family, etc. 

The language in each blog post is purposefully native-speaker level – it’s another way of exposing you to how we use English.  You’ll find heaps of new vocabulary.  Note it down, work out how it’s used (see our vocabulary lesson extender for ideas), then use it yourself.

Give it a go!

You’ll notice there are no worksheets for our lessons.  That’s because you’ll never have a conversation with a Kiwi by doing a gap-fill exercise.  No, we want you to get out there, get amongst it, and give your newly-learned language a go!  After all, you’re learning English to use it with real people, so why not use it with us Kiwis – we’re pretty real.  And we like chatting, so give it a try!

Most of all, enjoy your time in New Zealand.  Don’t get too worried about having perfect communication – our resources are simply here to help you along the way.  

See you out there!